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The truth is, nature created humans, who in turn created the Arts. Gradually man mastered them. Since antiquity, the art of painting was language of communication. And the life incidents along with natural happenings became the subjects and titles of Art of Painting. Later, the humans, in the vicinity of nature became free from want of food. Then man founded family and lived on farming. Many families together formed communities. Then man became conscious of his existence and identity. This caused the Institution of Religion. Art became significant in extending, nurturing and sustaining religion.


The various forms of art, viz Painting, Sculpture and Architecture slowly became the specialized forms. These art forms were mainly responsible for germinating the art in general, which in turn laid the foundation of Indian culture. Thus, from thousands of years, lettered words, pictures, sculptures and building - raising went hand-in-hand. Be it paintings of Ajantha or sculpture of Ellora, be it sculpture or monument raising of Khajuraho, or the skyscraper -temples of the South, or the strong mountain forts of Maharashtra and the beautiful caves carved in black- rock of the Deccan...


All stand in witness to antiquity. Personally, I have been honestly attempting to depict our ancient culture through the Art of Painting. It is believed that Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world. If its heritage fails, I am afraid, we will be lose it for ever. Therefore, we must preserve, for our future generations, these treasures and avoid further damage to our culture. Again, we must exhibit to the world our great cultural heritage. I have been using watercolours as the flowing media in painting. Watercolours make it easy to reach different sites, to touch the vital points and catch the minute details. Dear viewers this is my second exhibition in the series of ‘Prachin’. I dedicate this exhibition to those thousands of hands that toiled for hundreds of years to create the precious treasures of paintings and sculptures for all of us !

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